Picts and pottery, followed by a pint

An out-of-town day trip on the coast, on foot and by car.


Starting in the carpark at Cullykhan Bay (Road B9031), spend an hour or two exploring the beach, admiring the views over to Pennan and marvelling at the site of Fort Fiddes, which is of great archaeological interest and, among other things, was once the site of a Pictish Fort.  The sea, cliffs and those ever-present expansive skies there will impress you all year round.

Walk from Cullykhan carpark towards the B9031, turning right onto the B9031 for about 200 metres.  Take a left at the Old Doctor’s House and proceed to the end of the paved road onto a walking path.  This path leads into the Tore of Troup which, largely unknown to the public, is a Site of Specific Scientific Interest and a Special Landscape area. Walk through this spectacular glacial meltwater glen for about 45 minutes until you reach the man-made waterfall (a must-see) that is part of an abandoned timber mill.


After the waterfall, return to Cullykhan carpark, this time turning left (East) onto the B9031.  At the bottom of the hill, turn left again at the millstone that says “Mill of Nethermill”.  Park at Millshore beach, walk over to Millshore Pottery for a look round and treat yourself to some ice cream or coffee.

A pint in Pennan

Leaving Millshore Pottery, turn left (East) onto the B9031 and head towards Pennan.  At the sign, turn left to go down, down, down into Pennan.  Have your picture taken in the famous red phone box, and end with a well-deserved pint at the Pennan Inn.


Fraserburgh.  Scotland’s hidden treasure.