Inland is interestin’ ana*

An overnight stay around inland Fraserburgh, on foot and by car.

*Inland is also interesting! #welovedoric

Do you love the great outdoors and your home comforts in equal measure? So do we! That’s why we recommend at least a night’s glamping when touring in Scotland.

Try the Westwood Hideaway.

Once you’ve checked in, and if you fancy a wander before bedtime, take a five minute walk to the Strichen Stone Circle, Fraserburgh’s very own “Druid’s Temple”.

Relax and enjoy a great night’s sleep after all that fresh air.

With the daylight hours in summer, getting up bright and early for a day of fun is never a problem. Take the B9093 North-East to the foot of Mormond Hill, a 10 minute drive.

Morning Meander

Climb Mormond Hill and appreciate Fraserburgh’s inland side with its rolling hills and farmlands. Make a wish on the eye of the White Horse, a magnificent hill figure (50m) made from white quartz and thought to be a war memorial created in the late 17th Century. Follow the zig-zag path onwards and upwards to explore the ruined Hunters’ Lodge with a fireplace big enough to roast a deer! It’s still there!


Time for a spot of lunch at The Last Bus Works Canteen, New Pitsligo. This is a truly unique place to eat. Made completely from second hand materials (including lots of bus parts) there is as much to feast your eyes on as there is to feed your tummy with. A visit here is a must if you like all things quirky and different. 100% vegetarian and very reasonably priced. The menu is simple but modern and tasty.

The Last Bus Works is a 15 min (7 mile) drive from Mormond Hill. We recommend phoning in advance, as their opening times vary.

Afternoon Affair

On to Delgatie Castle (a 20 min, 14 mile drive from the café) which is Seat to the Hay Clan and a piece of Scottish history dating back to 1030. It has some of the country’s finest painted ceilings from as far back as 1592.

End this wonderful overnight stay with a well-deserved piece of holiday cake in their café. Delgatie Castle’s ‘Laird Kitchen’ has won the Scottish Baking Awards, not once, but twice!

Discover Fraserburgh. Scotland’s hidden treasure.