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The Fraserburgh Area

We bid you a warm welcome.

Dry humour, real life and simplicity. That’s what the Fraserburgh area offers our visitors.

Simplicity you say? Yes, the simple, stripped-back beauty of our untouched Scottish nature – big skies, wide sandy beaches, the Northern Lights of winter and our lives here on the ocean wave.

OK, you won’t find many distilleries or very much tartan around here. Instead you will find Scotland’s undiscovered treasures. Walk and wander to your heart’s content through our bays and our harbours and along our cliff-tops; observe Scotland’s only mainland gannet colony (yes, the fish is good too!), and come to meet and learn about the lives of generations of our local people who have fished and worked here.

Dry humour you say? Well, which other corner of the world has a telephone box which is a registered Listed Building? And where else will you find a castle… with a lighthouse built right through the middle of it? Told you we were funny.

We bid you a warm welcome to Fraserburgh. Scotland’s undiscovered treasure.

The Discover Fraserburgh Tourism Group embarked on the ultimate road trip. The NorthEast 250

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